Wednesday, April 13, 2016

There is nothing you can't play on Melodica!! (Part 2)

Well, first of all sorry about the late update as I had an ukulele performance last Sunday :)

Today I would feature another piece that you probably NEVER expect it can be played on melodica.

Recently, I got a made in Japan Yamaha Pianica 37D, which is a GREAT entry level melodica, in a very good price, as I want to see how it is different than its opponent - Suzuki M37C. To me, basically they are about the same tier instrument, personally I like the tone of Yamaha better while I like the key action of Suzuki better. This is what I get after testing the Yamaha.

But well, even an entry level melodica can sound like million bucks if you know how to use it. This is proved by the Japanese melodica virtuoso Mr. Masa Matsuda, as he uses Yamaha Pianica 37D in his performances. Today, I would show you MY playing of this Pianica 37D, by playing an ukulele virtuoso piece - Honoka & Azita's version of "Bodysurfing", on Pianica 37D as a SOLO!!

Before you listen to my melodica playing, listen to the song "Bodysurfing" by Honoka & Azita first:

Crazy isn't it? You probably never expect two ukuleles can create such music like THAT. But more crazy is that, how about arranging the song into ONE melodica that costs less than US$100? Today I would show you it is possible to do that. I haven't memorized the whole piece yet, but you could definitely tell it is getting there as the remaining parts are just the same chords looping with different improvisations. Next time I would probably use Hammond 44 to re-record the complete arrangement to get more bass, or use Mylodica to re-record to get a closer-to-nature tone :)

There will be part 3 for this series and stay tuned!!

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