Saturday, November 28, 2015

Japanese Opera

Well today I would talk about something other than melodica :)
As I mentioned before and you may know, my primary instrument is actually vocal, and I am a classically trained baritone singer.
You may also remember that I went to Japan for vacation in July. I noticed that the prices of the melodicas were surprisingly cheap that I wanted to buy one right the way. But one thing I did not mention was that, due to the fact that Japan IS such a nice place, I decided that I HAVE TO master their language, no matter how long it takes. This is also a promise to myself that nothing can stop me if I really want something.

Here is the first step of achieving my goal: to sing Japanese Opera.
The "Japanese Opera" I said is not something traditional thing like Chinese Opera, it is the European Opera singing but in the language of Japanese. Japanese is the 8th language I learn how to sing, of course I still made some mistakes in pronouciation, but I gotta say my progress is pretty good, especially in the case of self-learning.

Actually the song I am going to show you today is not really from an "Opera", but it is a song written in that kind of music style. The name of the song is called 美しき光の翼 (Beautiful Wings of Light). It is a song in the anime "GaoGaiGar", and it is a theme song of a character in the anime called "King J-Der". You can also hear the instrumental of this song in the video game "super robot wars". It is a REAL bad ass song. I remember I read a youtuber comment about this song:

"When the character is awesome, they bring rock music; when the character is beyond awesome, they bring opera singer."

Here is the audio of some parts of this song. Sorry I don't have a full track of this song, and my recording devices/audio mixing technique are not good, so the quality of the audio is not that great. But you probably can tell how BAD ASS this song is.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thinking of getting Suzuki Hammond 44 :)

Today, we would talk a little bit about one of the top tier melodica -- Suzuki Hammond 44.

I remember when I first decided to upgrade my melodica, I was thinking about getting the Wood Mylodica, or Suzuki Hammond 44. I ended up choosing Wood Mylodica because I like the sound of the Wood Mylodica better. But in reality, Suzuki Hammond 44 has some advantages that you won't find in ANY melodicas out there:

1. It is the only melodica that has 44 keys (Mylodica has 37 keys).
2. It is the only melodica that has strap buttons.
3. It is the only melodica that has built-in pick up.

Plus the sound is the best out of all melodicas there besides Wood Mylodica.

I love my Wood Mylodica a lot, but right now it starts to get out of tune, I probably have to change the reed board to fix it because the problem is quite serious. But the reed board is only available in the US, and I am out of country right now. Hence I am thinking of getting a Suzuki Hammond 44 for substitution, and I would fix the Mylodica once I get back to the US. Then I would have TWO top tier melodicas HAHAHA :) Suzuki Hammond 44 also has one advantage over Wood Mylodica is that it has a much better moisture removal system (hence it is much harder to get out of tune).

Anyway, here attached a video of how the Suzuki Hammond 44 sounds. You can compare it to my video of playing the Wood Mylodica to hear the difference, then YOU will be the judge to decide which one sounds better for YOU!!

P.S. This is a famous Russian folk song called "Dark Eyes", and you probably can tell this player is BEYOND AWESOME!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me (featuring Bass Melodica)

Hi all!!
As the title said, today is actually my birthday YEAH!! I hope you guys having a great time reading my articles and/or watching my videos. And more importantly, get a melodica NOW and start learn playing it :)
Anyway since I haven't recorded playing the "Saxophone Melodica" for a while, this time I would arrange and record the Happy Birthday song on the "Saxophone Melodica". This melodica is REALLY hard to play with melody and accopaniment together, it just takes way too much air to get the sound out. But good that I could actually play it. Hope you guys like it!!