Saturday, November 28, 2015

Japanese Opera

Well today I would talk about something other than melodica :)
As I mentioned before and you may know, my primary instrument is actually vocal, and I am a classically trained baritone singer.
You may also remember that I went to Japan for vacation in July. I noticed that the prices of the melodicas were surprisingly cheap that I wanted to buy one right the way. But one thing I did not mention was that, due to the fact that Japan IS such a nice place, I decided that I HAVE TO master their language, no matter how long it takes. This is also a promise to myself that nothing can stop me if I really want something.

Here is the first step of achieving my goal: to sing Japanese Opera.
The "Japanese Opera" I said is not something traditional thing like Chinese Opera, it is the European Opera singing but in the language of Japanese. Japanese is the 8th language I learn how to sing, of course I still made some mistakes in pronouciation, but I gotta say my progress is pretty good, especially in the case of self-learning.

Actually the song I am going to show you today is not really from an "Opera", but it is a song written in that kind of music style. The name of the song is called 美しき光の翼 (Beautiful Wings of Light). It is a song in the anime "GaoGaiGar", and it is a theme song of a character in the anime called "King J-Der". You can also hear the instrumental of this song in the video game "super robot wars". It is a REAL bad ass song. I remember I read a youtuber comment about this song:

"When the character is awesome, they bring rock music; when the character is beyond awesome, they bring opera singer."

Here is the audio of some parts of this song. Sorry I don't have a full track of this song, and my recording devices/audio mixing technique are not good, so the quality of the audio is not that great. But you probably can tell how BAD ASS this song is.

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