Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rockman 2 (Mega Man 2) Dr. Wily Theme!!

Well last week I mentioned that I made a piano arrangement for the song "Dr. Wily's Theme" from the classic NES game "Rockman 2" (also known as Mega Man 2). Now I also made a melodica arrangement for the song!! Here I post both versions in one video, hope you guys like it and see you guys next week :)

P.S. This time I used Suzuki M-37 instead of Mylodica to record this song.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The art of melodica playing

Well actually today I am going to post three songs that I have recorded before, but I combine them into one video. Here is the song list:

1. Street Fighter 2 Vega's Theme variation.
2. Dragon Ball Z battle music (Japanese version of anime, and featuring Suzuki-24 Bass Melodica).
3. Dragon Ball GT theme song.

The recording quality of these three songs are better than my other videos as I used a condenser mic to record them instead of using computer mic. Here is the description I wrote in this video:

"I made this video because many people regard the melodica as merely a toy instrument, or don't even know what that is. Therefore, I post three songs here to show what a melodica can actually do.

First, the melodica I am using is a wood one called Mylodica, which is custom made by sound electra, hence it sounds WAY better than those plastic ones out there. Another thing is that the reason people think the sound of a melodica is not that great is because most people DO NOT know how to manage breath control. Melodica sounds flat, dull, boring without vibrato. You HAVE TO play it with vibrato to make it sound expressive and beautiful, just like how people play violin or sing. The strap I put on allows me to play it with two hands so that it is capable of playing in the style similar to accordion, and play it standing up in order to maximize the breath control. "

Anyway Enjoy and LISTEN what a melodica can do!!
P.S. Recently I made a piano arrangement of "Rockman 2 Dr. Wily Castle" theme, I am thinking of arranging a melodica version too. Maybe would record it within these several weeks :)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Other than melodica

Well this time we would talk something other than melodica :)
As you guys may know, I actually play a lot of instruments, melodica is just one of them.
This time I would show you one of the other that I play, and you don't see this often -- Baritone Ukulele.

What is a baritone ukulele? It is actually a bigger size ukulele that has different tunings than standard ukulele. In fact the tuning of a baritone ukulele is the same as the top 4 strings of a guitar. So you can imagine it as a 4 string guitar. It sounds almost like a guitar, but its timbre is still "ukulele timbre" rather than "guitar timbre". Anyway here are some of my playings of the baritone ukulele, enjoy!!

P.S. The first video is a good quality solid mahagony uke made in Romania hence it has very rich and full tone even without amp; the second video is a made in China cheaply made plywood uke, but I put an amp on it to alternate the sound a bit.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The best melodica/piano duet!!

Well today I would show you THE BEST melodica/piano duet I have ever heard. Here is the video:
The song is a variation of a Japanese folk song called "Tsuki no Sabaku" (Desert under the moon). The melodica player's name is Masa Matsuda, he is one of the biggest in melodica players circle in Japan. Just listen to this recording and you will know why!! The pianist is also one of the best I have heard. In fact, the main melody of this song is played on the piano in this recording, the melodica plays the chords and improvisation :) Anyway Enjoy.