Saturday, February 20, 2016

Accordina -- European Noble Melodica

Hi there. Today I would talk about a "sister instrument" of melodica -- Accordina.

I know many of you guys have heard of the instrument "Accordion", but I think you probably never heard of "Accordina" right? Well this instrument actually looks like one part of a button accordion, but you play it like a melodica (you blow air inside the instrument to make sound) instead of accordion (you pull the bellow to draw air to make sound).

Seriously, I thought of getting an Accordina before, as the sound of it is INCREDIBLE, and it is very "European noble sounding". But I end up did not get it. There are several reasons:

1. It is way too expensive.
2. As it is button accordion like, I have to learn the fingering all over again.
3. I cannot play the melody and rhythm together by using two hands on accordina.

But seriously, it is a VERY NICE sounding instrument, I may get it one day in future though :)
Anyway, here I found a video somebody plays Bach on it. You will know why I call it an "European noble melodica". Enjoy!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day -- Debussy's "Clair de Lune" for Melodica Solo

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day!!
I have been really busy since recently due to some Chinese new year events. Hence I did not have time to update the blog and I am sorry about that :P

Anyway, this time I would leave the melodica playing to some mad good Japanese melodica player, and the song is "Clair de Lune" from the classical music composer Debussy.

This song is originally a famous piano solo piece, but as you can see, some crazy youtuber made the complete transcription for this piece. Personally I think this version captures the mood of the original piece really well, it is even up to the point that Debussy would probably composed this song on melodica instead of piano, if the melodica was invented back in his time. Again, you can really see what a melodica can actually do if one really knows how to master the instrument, which is what this blog's mission: to let people see how badass a melodica can be.

I have made an arrangement of this pieces for the beginning part too, maybe I should made a complete arrangement as well. I think this is also a perfect gift for Valentine's Day :) Enjoy!