Sunday, April 3, 2016

Other than Melodica: Guitar is a LIE!!

As usual, sometimes I would feature something other than melodica, as I am a multi-instrumental player. This time it would be a standard instrument -- acoustic guitar.

Well, recently I got a decent quality acoustic guitar for FREE by applying a 30-lessons plan, which is also FREE. Of course, the teacher's quality is mediocre (at least that's what I see so far), but you know, there's no free lunch. The good thing is that I still got a decent quality guitar for FREE, and of course I tested it out and recorded myself playing it.

This recording made me remember one of my friend who taught me guitar from the very beginning, and told me "guitar, is a lie! You play four chords, sing something, then you wow the chicks like 'Oh you are so talented!!' "I made an improvisation of a famous classical piece "Fur Elise" from Beethoven, which the part I recorded is also "four chords", but it's just the way I played is more than simply strumming four chords. I personally think this improvisation would definitely make quite a lot of people think "WOW that is badass, how you do it?", even though to me making and playing this is just as easy as killing a cockroach :P What you think?

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