Sunday, March 27, 2016

There is nothing you can't play on melodica!! (Part 1)

Well, you may think, "really? seriously?"

All I can say is that, "If you believe it is true, then it is true. If not, then it is a lie." Period.

For me, I tried playing contemporary songs like "Bad Romance", "Gangnam Style", "DADDY", "Rolling in the Deep", "Umbrella", "Beat it", "Baby", etc.; I also played Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter, Megaman, Final Fantasy...such anime and video game pieces. For classical music, I also played Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin on melodica before; and of course, I also improvised on some Jazz, Funk, Blues, etc. on melodica as well. I can say I actually covered a lot of repertoire on melodica, hence I strongly believe that there is nothing you can't play on melodica.

Recently I got an invitation for online jamming collaboration from one of the really best melodica in Japan (which also means in the world since the best melodica players are mostly from Japan, as I mentioned before). She gave me a lot of song selections for jamming, all of them are really challenging pieces that you don't expect that it would be played on melodica. I gave her some of my solo playing recordings in order for her to add some extra harmonies as well. I am so excited about how the outcome would be!!

One of the song selection is the "Decisive Battle" from the anime EVA (Neon Genesis Evangelion). This song is originally played by an orchestra. For our melodica duet,  this time I would record the accompaniment while she would play the melody on top of it. Wait a minute, TWO melodicas can play a song for the whole orchestra? Well, BAD ASS isn't it? But the story is not over yet. I also made a SOLO melodica version for this particular piece! This definitely shows that "There is nothing you can't play on melodica". Here it is!!

P.S. Part 2 would feature another both technically and musically challenging piece that you would NEVER expect it can be played on a melodica as well. Stay tuned!!

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