Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Amazing Performance from the badass TOKYO MELODICA ORCHESTRA

Well, I have been really busy with my ukulele performance and singing performance these weeks hence I did not update. Sorry about that :P

Anyway, recently I watched a video of them playing the song from Mario Kart. I was like, WTH!!!
They even try to mimic the car engine sound on the melodica before the song starts!! But yeah when the sound comes out from their instruments, you would be like "WOW, 4 melodicas could sound like a band playing!!"

So this time I won't talk much ,WATCH this video and you know what I talk about!!

P.S. This also remind me the old days when I played Mario Kart with my ex-girlfriend. I called myself a pretty good gamer already, but I did not even beat her once, NOT EVEN ONCE haha. It was fun time and great memories though :) Another thing is that I probably have to record a new song on melodica soon, haven't done it for a while.

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