Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yu Yu Hakusho - "Yusuke's Funeral" on Melodica

Hi all. It's melodica time again!!!

Well this time I would back to some songs that is like "melodica standard repertoire", and it would be "Yusuke's Funeral" music theme from the anime "Yu Yu Hakusho".

As you may know, Yu Yu Hakusho was a 90's big hit anime, along with Dragon Ball Z and Slamdunk, just like Naruto and One Piece today. The song I am going to play today is called "Sad Melody" originally, and it was actually played in the anime MANY MANY times. But personally I think the song name is too plain, and the first time the music came out was in Yusuke Urameshi, the protagonist's funeral in episode 1 (Yes, the protagonist is killed in the first episode LOL), hence I like the song name "Yusuke's Funeral" more haha. When I first posted this video on youtube, some people already commented "that vibrato!" on my video, which I think is bad ass, as this song really needs vibrato to make it sound beautiful on melodica. I actually think I capture the soul of this song pretty well on my melodica arrangement, you will be the judge to verify if I am right or not :)

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