Monday, May 16, 2016

There is nothing you can't play on Melodica (Part 3)

Well well well...let's get back to "There is nothing you can't play on Melodica" series AGAIN.

As usual, this series is about arranging songs that you would NEVER expect that it can played on melodica as solo (and mostly are some up-tempo songs and/or orchestral pieces). This time it would one of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson's greatest hit - JUST BEAT IT, SO BEAT IT!!!!

The inspiration of making this arrangement was that I watched a guitarist/drummer covered this song in a concert. He could made some crazy beats and groove on just ONE GUITAR as the accompaniment for him to sing the song. Then I was like...hmm why don't I try to make some beats on melodica, AND put the melody on the melodica at the same time!! Then I recorded the song, and I think "hmm actually I memorized some melody part wrong, but this is the GROOVE I want, and good enough to make people recognize the song!!" Personally I think the groove could be stronger at the intro before the singing verse if I really pick on what it can be further improved. But anyway here it goes, MJ forever!!

P.S. I don't know will there be "part 4" of this series yet, will see if I found any songs that fits this title haha :)

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