Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Power of "Keyboard Recorder"!!

Hi all, sorry that I haven't updated for a while, as recently I am busy with managing my facebook melodica page and my youtube channel, as they just started generating income for me (and of course I want to boost more income haha). This time the topic would be about a special melodica called "Suzuki Andes 25".

This melodica is actually not a "melodica", it is in fact a "keyboard recorder", while a melodica is actually a "keyboard harmonica" (You can check out my top post picture to see how it looks like, it is the green one on the right). I ordered it a while ago from Japan, but to be honest, I don't know how to make good use of it, as it goes out of tune really easily (because of the change of air pressure that you blow, while a harmonica won't go out of tune even if the air pressure changes), and it is really hard to get a good sound if you play two notes or more together. Until recently I saw pianonymous, one of the best melodica players I have ever heard, played a solo on it; THEN I was like "AHH, man THAT'S how you make good use of it, let me go practice keyboard recorder again!!" Seriously, this instrument acts just like a recorder and SOUNDS like a recorder, it's just that you play it on a keyboard rather than blocking holes like playing a woodwind instrument.

Anyway, here is the video of her playing. Even though this is meant to be a comedic video that her baby daughter takes out the tube while she is playing, you can DEFINITELY tell that she is mad good on playing the keyboard recorder :) Enjoy.

P.S. I read from her facebook page she would perform with Suguru Ito (another crazy melodica player) in August. MAN I so want to go to Japan to watch them live, but I have to go somewhere else at that time. Anyway, next time I would feature one of their jamming recording, stay tuned!!


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