Saturday, October 10, 2015

More about Suzuki M-37 Melodica

It is important to get a good quality instrument if you want to learn playing an instrument well. But you know, good quality can be really expensive. Today I would show you a decent quality melodica that costs very cheap (I got a used one for around $30 US), but you can actually do a lot of great stuff on this melodica, and it is good enough for long term usage.

First, this melodica is made in Japan, hence it sounds WAY better (a.k.a. the tone has way more richness and depth) than those cheaply made ones that are made in China. It also takes very little air to produce the sound, that makes the playing a lot easier (while those bad quality ones take significantly more air to play). And it has a moisture extraction button that helps protecting the reeds so that it does not get out of tune easily.

In fact I had a post talked about this melodica before. But this time I have a video that shows more songs featured on this melodica. As always, action speaks more the words :)

Song List:
1. Dragon Ball Z "Cha-La Head Cha-La".
2. Final Fantasy X Battle Theme Complete version.
3. Rockman 2 "Dr. Wily Theme".

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