Saturday, October 24, 2015

GREAT melodica player - Pianonymous

As I mentioned before, you can find EVERYTHING that you won't expect from melodica playing from this site, and that also means this site would feature some of the very best melodica players I have ever heard (and probably YOU have ever heard as well). This time I would introduce a young female melodica player - Pianonymous.

I remember I discovered her youtube channel by hearing her playing a song composed by a Japanese violinist Taro Hakase. For those who don't know who Taro Hakase is, he is the featured violinist in Celine Dion's song "To Love You More", you guys can go watch Celine Dion live video then you know who he is. Pianonymous' playing of his song is just SPLENDID. You could click the video I post this time and YOU will be the judge to decide if I am telling you the truth or bragging :) (P.S. Plus she is cute isn't she?)

She also has a website which talks about melodica techniques, music styles, maintenance, accessories, etc. What a pity is that I almost have no idea what she is talking about as I don't know Japanese except the 50 characters LOL (that's why I could sing in Japanese but not speak in Japanese). I saw one of her post talked about installing a strap on Suzuki M-37 melodica, as I really need to install one so I can play that melodica standing up and double-handed for better breath control. I once asked her more detail about that in facebook, but again what a pity is that there is no English version of that post available. So maybe in future I successfully learn Japanese then I could understand what she means haha. By the way, she is a member of Tokyo Melodica Orchestra.

Anyway this is her site:
And her facebook:

I "liked" her page already, if you don't do what I do, you are an idiot LOL.

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