Saturday, October 17, 2015

I got a "like" from the manufacturer of Wood "Mylodica"!!

Well this happens last week when I posted my video of playing a song from the anime "Naruto" on Wood "Mylodica" on my melodica facebook page:

You can see I got "16 people reached" within a really short time, and a "like" from somebody. That's the manufacturer of "Mylodica" - Mr. David Hegman!! I remembered when I first try out the melodica, I bought a $25 toy sounding one. At that moment I was like, "hmmm...yeah I could play it well, but the sound was just not good, if there is one melodica that uses wood as the resonator instead of plastic, it would sound MUCH better." Then I found out there is one wood melodica called "Mylodica" available. That was when I decided to get the wood melodica and I am glad I got one. The "Mylodica" is definitely hands down the BEST melodica I have ever heard. Anyway here is the video of playing the Naruto song, you can tell how good it sounds :)

Again BIG THANKS to the manufacturer of the "Mylodica" - Mr. David Hegman. Without your hard work and creativity, there is no way I would enjoy playing melodica so much.

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