Saturday, October 31, 2015

"From Beijing with Love" (國產凌凌漆) Melodica Solo and Ukulele Solo

Recently me and my friends talk about a classic Hong Kong movie "From Beijing with Love" (國產凌凌漆), it is actually a comedy by Stephen Chow that borrows the image of 007, but the music in that movie is actually quite serious and dark, as the movie itself is very full of black humor regarding to the mainland Chinese culture and civilization.

The name of the song I recorded is called 徘徊 (wandering). I personally think the song really portraits the situation in China. It is true that China's situation is getting much better and stronger compare to the past, but there are still a lot of critical problems going on, as if the country is still wandering around, not realizing what it needs to be done to make it a better place. As a Chinese myself, I really hope that there will be less and less problems as time goes by. Listening to this song always remind me that I have to always keep thinking and doing something that makes the world a better place as well. For my case, music education and performance are the things I can give my very best to make the world a better place, and this field needs me the most compare to other fields.

There are mainly two versions of it in the movie, one is for piano, one is for saxophone. I arranged two versions as well, one is for melodica solo, one is for ukulele solo, in one video. The melodica version sounds very close to the original saxophone version (as they are both wind instruments), except I put BOTH the melody and accompaniment in one instrument, which you can't do that by a saxophone. Ukulele is also one of the many instruments that I play, and I made some Chinese Pipa like technique on this ukulele version of the song, hence it sounds quite different from all the two original versions and my melodica version.

Anyway, enjoy and see you next week :)

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