Saturday, June 6, 2015

The power of the bass melodica (a.k.a. saxophone melodica) -- filling a bass line

Well, I have posted two videos of me playing the bass melodica before. (If you don't remember, I played "stand by me" and an improvisation of "fur elise" on my bass melodica). But in fact, the bass melodica is capable of more than that.

Since the standard melodica does not really have low notes, the purpose of the bass melodica is to fill up the bass line of a song. Let me give you one example, here is a Dragon Ball Z song I played for standard melodica solo:
It sounds pretty nice isn't it? But wait till you hear the version WITH bass melodica:

Sounds like the song got more "balls" hence more powerful isn't it? Well the purpose of bass melodica is like the bass guitar in a band. It really boost up the power of the song with the bass line. So with a bass melodica, you can actually form a melodica band just like regular band :)

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