Saturday, June 13, 2015

A decent level melodica - Suzuki M37

Well, speaking to that, I think the one that I use mostly -- Sound Electra Wood Mylodica, is the best melodica I have ever heard. But I think Mylodica is a bit too expensive for a beginner who wants to try out if melodica is something he/she wants to play (even though it is still only $300 US dollar, relatively still pretty cheap for an instrument). But you definitely don't want those that look like toys, they sound bad and it takes a lot of air to play them, and you probably don't want Hohner melodica which is made in China nowadays (in the past they were made in Germany and they sounded good). Hence I tried out one that is made in Japan, and you can get it under $100 US dollar, which is Suzuki M-37. I bid a used one for around $32 US dollar though :P

It comes out that the tone of course is no match compare to Mylodica, but it is good for the price, and a great one to try it out. I arranged the Dragon Ball Z main them "Cha-la Head Cha-la" on Suzuki M-37. This also proves that YOU can also play great music with such a cheap price, and it is YOU, not the instrument itself to make an instrument sounds good.

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