Saturday, July 25, 2015

Japanese youtube channel and 荒城の月

Well, I just created a new youtube channel which features Japanese songs arranged for melodica solo. All titles will be in Japanese as well:

Now there are four songs posted in that channel, three of them are published in my English youtube channel, the remaining one is a traditional Japanese song called "荒城の月" (The moon of the ruined castle). It has a very authentic "Japanese tune", the melody is very simple but it really captures the soul of Japanese traditional music. Here I arranged it for melodica solo and I hope I do it justice :)

P.S. In Japan, the melodica is called 鍵盤ハーモニカ (keyboard harmonica), I personally think this name describes the instrument very well. As the melodica really sounds quite similar to harmonica, except you play it like a keyboard.

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