Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saxophone Melodica

What is a saxophone melodica?

Well actually it is a nickname that I named for my bass melodica. A bass melodica is a melodica that has a range from F2 to E4, and the tone is a bit deeper than a standard melodica. It DOES sound like a baritone saxophone in my opinion. It is a very rare instrument, and as I know there are only two models available: suzuki B-24 and hammond BB. Here is my playing of "stand by me" using a bass melodica, and you would be the judge to see if it sounds like a baritone saxophone.
Interesting sound isn't it? It looks small but in fact it is REALLY HARD to play this melodica. It takes way more air than the standard melodica to get the sound. This arrangement is relatively simple compare to my final fantasy X and dragon ball song, but I would say I almost pushed this instrument to its limit in order to play melody and rhythm together. Melodica is not an instrument meant to play melody and rhythm together like a piano anyway.

Next time it would be an experimental improvisation for Beethoven's classic "Fur Elise" on the bass melodica :) See you next time. 


  1. If you play a normal melodica as if it was a saxophone (growl, vibrato,...) It sounds extremely close.

  2. It sounds even more like a bass harmonica (as used on some records by the Beach Boys & the Beatles).