Saturday, March 28, 2015

More info on melodicas!!

First of all, could you guys what melodica(s) I used for the youtube video song I posted last week? Here is the answer:

I used the wood melodica on the left for the upper voices, and the red bass melodica for the bass line.
If you got them right, congratulations!!! *BIG HUG*

I would now introduce these three melodicas, let me post the picture one more time here.

The wood one on the left is the standard melodica, or some people called "alto melodica". It has a superior sound that most of the melodicas out there because it is made by wood. The resonance you get from the wood is unrivalled. The red one is a bass melodica, the whole range of the instrument is the extension of the lowest note of the standard melodica. The green one is a keyboard recorder, basically it is a recorder but just in keyboard structure.

In fact, the mechanism of the green one is not the same as the other two. The other two I would call them a "free-reed" instrument, which means there are a bunch of reeds inside, you blow the air through the reed to get the sound (which is the same mechanism as harmonica and accordion). The green one has a bunch of pipes inside the instrument, you can simply imagine there are a bunch of recorders inside the instrument, and each note has different pipe length. So basically the green one is not really a "melodica" as the technique of playing it would be different too.

If you are interested in how it sounds, here it is:

I personally called these three instruments I have as: accordion melodica, saxophone melodica, recorder melodica. You would know why I called them that way later :)

P.S. My cousin says my dragon ball Z battle theme arrangement sounds very "French", I don't know if you guys agree or not LOL. Anyway here I post one of my favorite melodica players, listen to him then you may know why the melodica itself sounds very "French", or I should say it sounds very accordion style.

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